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Dogs Terrier

Machine м flying dog with a brave heart of lion

Характеристика йоркширского

A flying dog with a brave heart of the lion. Great hunting partner. Nice and friendly companion. So intellectually developed that can make decisions. She loves the drip and a frequent guest on the survey sites. What's more interesting hiding little jack-ass terriers?


The birth of the Terriors is accepted to be the English County of Devonshire, and the breeder is John Russell's priest named Jack. Despite his religious activities, pastor and his father were very good hunters. The point is, by the 18th century, the top reindeer hunting was lost in the country. And she was replaced by a new fun, a bad hunt. She became a national attraction. Bet the Foxhads chased the foxes, and the terrariers were taken to find and exterminate the beast. It was for this purpose that the Russell family was engaged in the exploration of hard-to-shred terriers. But at the exhibitions of their pets, pastor never showed, because at that time, preference was given to smooth-short terriers.

John's dream was to remove a small-sized, vibrant, plastic, combination of evil and tolerance for itself.

According to the legend in 1818, while studying at Oxford and walking around, the pastor saw a white terrier-like dog whose ears and eyes were painted with yellow brown spots, the same mark was on the tip of the tail. He fell in love with this beautiful creature and bought it from the milkman. Trump was stiff, proportionate to the leas, which markedly distinguished it from the abandoned Scottish terriers.

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