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Bordeaux dog (dogue de bordeaux)

Бордоские доги, фото породы собак фотографияBordeaux dog. In the ancient State of Epire, which was located in the south of the present Albania, the parents were called Molossami. Alexandre's mother, the Great Olympics, was the daughter of the Epire King. It is assumed that it has started to breed large combat dogs, which Epire has sold or sent as valuable gifts to many countries of the antique world. Alexander Macedonsky (356-323gg to N.E.) took these. big dogs I'd like to use them to protect the veins and cartridges.

Bordeaux "Lovely from Bordo."

The demand for powerful dogs in the anti-chung world was great, and the people of Epire became skilled and magnificent dog guides. They had excellent business qualities: they sold only dolls and never booze, thereby retaining their own monopoly on the reproduction of these animals.Бордоский дог, фото породы собак фотография Pretty soon, the Epire dogs have become a rheit and cost so much that only the rich people and the authorities can make them. The descriptions of these dogs are from Aristotle, Gomera, Columella, etc. The Molos dogs are mentioned in their work by Plutar and Esop. A large number of descriptions are also contained in Greek and Roman mythology. It is possible that, in 218, the Molosian dogs were involved with Hannibal in his journey through Alps. In such a case, Bernardines and Rotweilers may be direct descendants of these dogs.

When the Romans landed on the British islands in '55, they met there with big dogs. These British are the ancestors of the current mastifs. Historians have shown that they have largely exceeded Roman molasses. Naturally, British dogs have repeatedly intersected with Roman molasses and have become like modern vain.

Bordeaux Dog Lovely from Bordo Show Must Go On. "Lovely from Bordo."

Numerous descendants of Molosian dogs started (one before, others later) self-sufficient formation. (In principle, the species can only be said if a targeted breeding unit, including permanent animal registration, is carried out, and the beginning of such activity was only by the end of the nineteenth century).

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