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Bordo Cheeks

Elite Bordo dogs for you

Питомник бордоских догов РКФ

The elite puppies of the Bordo dog are sold from parents, the champion of known Russian and European bloods, with stable mental health, excellent health and temperament, exhibition exterrier, very large, bone-like, with beautiful large heads of bright colour. Pupils have a full package of documents: a RCF puppy card, a vaccinated vest, a merchanting contract with a guarantee of tribal quality and health, and recommendations for cultivation and education. It will be released under the supervision of a pilot cinema and a windscreen in environmentally sound conditions on the frontier of the biosphere reserve. The line of very large debtor dogs with a very soft character that is easy to raise.
The Bordeaux Dog is a beautiful dog to protect the house, a nanny for your children and a companion for you, he's very unhappy, patient, lazy and compassionate, exclusively attached to all family members, and you can make sure that you come to pick a puppy!
Ask questions, talk to the owners of our puppies and get more information, you can go to the Facebook on the IRINA CABAKOV page.

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