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The species used in the fights falls under the category called dog species. There are approximately twenty species in the world that have participated in these, some kind of competition. It should be noted that none of the International Quinologic Organization recognizes the category of fighters' dogs. For them, it defines the profession, but not the breed of the dog.

There are a number of common signs in the category of fighters: a large head, a well-developed jaw, a massive hull and a very dangerous lay. A number of hammers are classified in this category: alabai, bulldogues, mastyphoids, boul teries and some doses.

Alabai♪ A species with a complex psychic and unique character. The use of Alabai as fighters dogs in Turkmen is a tribute to centuries-old traditions. The only breed that will never reach an adversary, but will back off in the first visa. At the same time, the Alabai is amazingly unmarried and caring for their and human children. The main work of this devoted creature is to guard all the weather of his master ' s peace and protect his property.

American bulldog. He takes his roots from the English bulldogue. Dogs with a strong jaw and iron scar. They were initially used for bulls and then in battles against other dogs. Since the quality of the fighter was not enough for the dogs of the species, they were crossed with various kinds of terriers. As a result of this work, a number of new breeds have emerged, but not all have inherited fighters. And the American bulldog has forgotten its war past for a long time.

American pit bullier♪ Thanks to the negative influence of the media towards this breed, the pit bull has caused an evil and an ido among the bells of the dogs, the most dangerous creature in the eyes of the public.

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