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German dog, nature, disease, care, photo

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Country of origin: Germany
Growth: 76 - 86 cm (coupling); 71 - 81 cm (suke)
Weight: 54 - 90 kg. (shelf); 45 - 59 kg. (suke)
Maintenance of the apartment: Right, but need sufficient physical load.
Life expectancy: to 10 years
Good for you. for inexperienced owners

Nature of German guess

German doses are very large in the size of a soft and patient dog. Of these good-looking giants, there are beautiful pets for the family. The German doses look after their master and are very loyal to him.

German doses combine great strength with exquisite dignity. In fact, the gentle giants, the dogs of loving, loving and pleasant companions who most like to spend time with their family. Dogs are very common in order to feel comfortable, they need to be around people.

This dog breed is best suited to those who have some experience in the possession of a dog, because the dogs can be stubborn and selfish. Active early socialization is important for the formation of a stable, confident German figure.

The species ' dogs require a lot of attention and some victims from their owners, so they are not suitable for people who lack sufficient time to deal with their pets.

You should think twice about the German idea, because it can get really dirty and let saliva.

Young Germans are loud and patchy, so they require constant supervision.

These huge dogs need a sufficient number of physical loads and many spaces in their size. For a walk without German leash, the dock needs a big and safe space where it can run.

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