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American Dog Photo

American bulldog, nature, disease, care and photo

американский бульдог

Country of origin: America
Growth: 55 - 68 cm (coupling); 50 - 63 (suka)
Wes: 35 - 58 kg (couples); 28 - 45 (suke)
Maintenance in apartment: suitable, but required sufficient physical load
Life expectancy: 10-12 years
Good for you. for experienced owners

Nature of the American bulldogue

American bulldog is a loving family pet who's good with kids. At the same time, it's a fearless security guard who strongly attacks all those who pose a threat to his master.

American bulldogues are capable of dealing with various tasks other than security, hunting, cattle, they are known as working dogs. However, American bulldogues are very stubborn, dominant and intrinsic. They want to be in charge of any situation. American bulldogues always feel when they can make them do things they don't want. The owner of the American bulldogue must be persistent, firm and always bear in mind what he says.

This species should be familiar with friendly strangers on a regular basis so that they can learn how to feel the difference between good people who are not dangerous and bad, who can cause harm. Since American bulldogues have a strong protective instinct, they need careful socialization with strangers. If you can't do this before the American bulldog is very suspicious and bite anyone who gets in his way.

It is important to note that there are many American bulldogs who cannot live with a dog of the same sex. The same dogs have strong hunting instincts and usually chase running animals and catch cats. The bad socialized, untrained and unregulated American bulldog is capable of maiming or even killing another animal.

Pay attention to the purchase of American bulldogue. Buy a puppy only from the responsible factories.

American bulldogue diseases

Despite the fact that the American bulldog is a healthy and strong animal, it is most predisposed to the following diseases:

  • Electic cutting
  • Entropion.
  • Allergies and skin diseases that may indicate immunity problems
  • Unilateral or bilateral deaf

Using American bulldogs.

The American bulldog has a short, smooth hair that does not require special care. However, this pond is routinely frustrated, so frequent combing, at least once a week, can reduce the number of wools in the house. You can use a brush or rubber glove to take care of the wool of American bulldogue.

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