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American Dogs

Gus and his dogs

The story of how athletes Gus Kenworthy took a few homeless dogs to the United States, conquered the Internet during the Olympics, and continued thanks to the Instagram Accaunt that Kenworthy had launched for his pets.


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- Gus Kenworthy (@guskenworthy)

Turns out the puppies are four, and then the athlete confessed to the interview that he was going to take them all to the U.S. with their mother.

Each new Dog photograph collected thousands of retweets, and the number of subscribers to the Ghas Twitter account increased from 14,000 to 128,000.

Fell asleep last night with Rosa :) Thanks for the pic @robindmacdonald!

Only one puppy was allowed to take the sportsman.

The rest of the dogs were sent to him later. One of the puppies was taken by Kenworthy's friends from Washington, and another, named Sochi, didn't make it to the plane, because he was very sick and depleted by the time the athlete decided to renovate the dog family.

The dog story didn't leave some celebrities indifferent. Narimer, Milie Cyrus published a four-pup photo of Kenworthy in her twitter, announcing it as " four reasons to sign on his account " .

4 reasons to follow @guskenworthy () melts into 1,001 pieces)

- Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus)

Gus Kenworthy and Robin McDonald have been girls' cams in a month.

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