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Photographs Of Dogs And Cats

Millenium generation priorities: cats and dogs

Красивые фотографии собак и


The Millenium Generation has already created new trends and denials of past trends, and the abandonment of children to buy cats and dogs is the latest world trend. A new study published in Mintel shows that half of young people aged 18 to 30 have cats, three quarters have dogs. The chance to get married to the current 30-year-olds is twice as low as 50 years ago, and it is considered that some kind of sublimation occurs with the help of domestic pets. "Go to the family."

Every social network needs to be visited, and you'll make sure that, almost every day, there's pictures of dogs and cats dressed like babies, and a large number of young people find their own children. Demographics are alarmed by the fact that this trend does not seek to slow down soon. The best thing in this trend is what it's like to take an animal out of a shelter, not buy a breeder. Besides, "millenials" are very responsible owners. domestic animalsready to sacrifice. Thus, according to the sociological survey, 76 per cent of young people are inclined to refuse to buy anything for themselves in favour of a domestic beloved.

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