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Types Of Dogs

The rarest dogs in the world

Самые редкие собаки в миреDespite the fact that a dog is considered to be the most common home-loving lover and has been accompanying a man almost since his arrival, there are today species that are positioned as rare dog species. The rare nature of the species may be caused by:

  • Disappearance (protection of a certain type of ps);
  • Complexity of development (special conditions);
  • High cost;
  • a small number of representatives (limited selection of genetic material) and so on.

It is difficult to say what kind of pond is considered to be the most unique and rare, but films and experts from all countries, after a very small analysis of the world of pseudoes, have drawn up a list of the most rare representatives. Today is rare. dog species those who are:

  • cannot be bragged by widespread proliferation and are still less common even in the region in which it was withdrawn;
  • become poorly recognized, or unknown, for most animals;
  • create difficulties for manufacturers in their separation, due to special care requirements and the difficulty of selecting " genetic " material;
  • costly;

Top of exclusives

There are a number of parades in which the same varieties of dogs are typically considered " rare " . Another case is that each parade hit (depending on who and where it was formed) changes positions that are occupied by rare psovars.

According to one of these lists, the rarest dogs are:

  • Mastyff is from Tibet;
  • Chun-cin;
  • chinuck;
  • Motherfucker;
  • Ridgebek is from Thailand;
  • lundenhund ( Norwegian);
  • barbett;
  • azavak;
  • stabihun;
  • Water Spaniel (Irish).

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