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Tibetan's Mastif Is The Most Expensive Dog

Tibetan mastif is the most expensive dog in the world

Tibetan mastiff

In China ' s recent fair, a world record was set, a Tibetan mastif puppy sold almost $2 million!

A 56-year-old factory from Qindao for 12 million yuan ($ 1,9 million) was retrieved at the Golden Battle Fair in eastern Zhejiang Province. We will recall that the previous record also belonged to Tibetan Mastif, the world ' s most expensive dog in 2011 was Hong Dong Masif for $1,5 million.

Tibetan mastifs are one of the most beautiful and ancient dogs on Earth.Tibetan mastiff 3 With an average of 80 centimeters in height and 90 kg in weight, Tibetan mastyphoids are provided with their peanut and rounded gold mushrooms (Now and other colours)that make them look like lions. Thanks to its large size and furious appearance, the vase is a valuable symbol of the status of the rich Chinese. According to the owners, Tibetan mastifs are friendly and well in the family, they are loyal to the owner, they are easily drained and they are also very clean.

As one of the oldest dogs of Tibetan Mastif is considered a molasses pedagogue, ancient Assyrian and Egyptian dogs, whose descendants today are considered as mastifs of all varieties, rotweiler, German and Bordos dogs.

Tibetan mastiff 2 Tibetan mastiff 4

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