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Tibetan's Dog's Mitif

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Марко Поло увидел в тибетском

Molosses tend to be calm dogs, and most of them do not have the same reaction speed as the Border-Colly sheep.
You're going to have to be patient when you're working the team, and in general when you're raising the dog.
Your patience will be rewarded if you gradually seek from the dog what you need without rushing the event.

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Every owner of a dog or other animal must understand

That the health and well-being of his beloved depend entirely on the proper feeding and maintenance. Leaving and hygiene.
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The birth documents. Origin analysis, pre-primary delivery. RCF documents when buying a puppy.

By picking up a puppy, everyone's having a problem with what kind to buy, how to choose a puppy and how to read (interpret) the documentation attached to it, you're a puppy. There is now a great diversity of documents from the five-inch to the two-inch (in the three-wheeled CER). In general, not only is it difficult to read by the surveyor, but sometimes it's difficult for professionals to decode. The first thing to see the future owner of the puppy is having a live print on the puppy. Then there's an assigned label and, if possible, smash it on the label.
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Tibetan Mastif

Strong and fearless, smart and ready for all of your masters, Tibetan mastifs were loyal guards of the Tibet monasteries. These dogs are highly intelligent, well-trained and managed, they clearly feel the nature and mood of the hosts, try not to be obsessive, but at any time they are ready to come to help.
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Description of Tibetan mastif (American version).

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