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Chinese Price

Who are the Chinese mastyphoids who will guard the zoo at the barnaul?

запись, Тибетский Мастиф

After an incident involving a tiger attack on a teenage girl who was injured by his guilt, the barnaul zoo decided to increase security. In particular, it has become known that the facility will now guard dogs with Chinese mastif. Two puppies will soon be bought. About what this pond is and what it looks like in our constant "Queen-Off."

Who are the Chinese masts?

Chinese mastif is the breed of ancient dogs, more known as Tibetan Mastif. The first references to them are dating back to the antique times. They were guard dogs in Tibetan monasteries, and they helped nomadic nomads in the Himalayas mountains. The natural power and the power of Tibetan mastifs have always been mentioned. There is the view of many cinemas that Tibetan Mastif is a rotary of all species belonging to the molass group.


This high-growth dog is quite proportionate. With an increase of more than half metres, dogs can have up to 85 kg of weight. It's a stew that allows them to live on the street in the darkest cold. The Chinese mastifs are vigilant and carefully guarded with a balanced character. They don't have their own dog smell, they lick once a year.

They're calm and harmonious, sufficiently discreet, not aggressive. They're never going down for a reason. They prefer to be awake at night. Very clean. They'll never hurt a child, no matter how he provokes them.


These dogs are unlikely to be found in Barnaul's yards and parks. They're worth a lot of money. The price can start from $2,000 for a European puppy. Chinese parents will cost twice and a half more.

By the way, their ancestral can be determined even by appearance, but it can only be an experienced cinema. Although their cost is high, they want to purchase clean pets only increases. They're supposed to be the rarest dogs in the world. Avito has proposals for the sale of unpopular puppies of this species. Prices start from 30,000 roubles.

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