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Masty Price

Spanish mastif

мастиф, цена 16 Грн
St Petersburg.
The great puppies of ISPANSCO are proposed for sale.
The grandchildren of legendary NERON DE FILANDON.
Father: Ernesto, Madrid
Intercampion, Russian Champion, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Baltic Winner 2014, RCF Champion
Mother: Russian Champion, Lithuanian Champion, Baltic Winner 2014

Puppets are well grown, tidy, RCF documents, glumos, and have good security deposits (for example with Dad).

Very appropriate with the nature of the parents. Struggle towards strangers, but it's very lax to your children.
Spanish mastif is a beautiful guard, treats any animals, fearless, unconstrained (with the pleasure of spending a lot of time on the street even in winter to freeze). Children with no fear play with this huge dog, getting a sea of loop and tenderness.

There is no unwarranted aggression in the nature of Spanish mastif, and he has no desire to bite. For the violator of the Territory, a sufficiently dangerous market and a powerful species to retreat.

If you like big grand dogs. If you want your territory, property, children to be safely guarded, and you want to be sure that you will never hear a bite complaint, and none of your other animals or birds of INDOGDA will be magnified, please draw attention to this one of the most noble species.

Call 8-9, Marina.

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