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Tibetan Price

The Knr started cloning valuable Tibetan mastifs

The slogan, done in China, will now treat not only all possible products of popular consumption but also living things. The Chinese firm Boya Life, together with South Korean colleagues from Sooam Biotech Research Foundation, started cloning expensive Tibetan mastyphos, reports Shanghai Daily.

The main office of this unusual "production" is located in the Chinese city of Waihai, Shangdun Province. Businessmen are proud to say that they have already successfully cloned the three puppies that surrogate. "The father" of the babies is like a lion of 8-year-old Master of Jiama, who is the winner of several prestigious dog exhibitions.

Cloning Tibetan mastifs - It's certainly a good business, because these animals are one of the most expensive dogs in the world. The cost of a puppy can reach $2 million.

As the price of the pupil ' s " sweat production " will change, it is not reported. Furthermore, it is not known how long businessmen can be cloned. In China, such operations are permitted exclusively for scientific purposes.

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