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Dog Pictures

Photos and pictures of dogs and puppies

We're starting a section where the photos and pictures of the dogs are collected. Most scholars were of the view that the ancestor of the dog was a wolf, and the process of homelessness of the wild animal began several decades ago. Since then, the ranks of the four-legged friends of a man have continued to be filled. Now. World Number 500and new ones are constantly emerging, taking into account the challenges that people want to meet with their able and fitting assistants.

The dogs, of course, are beasts, but they're ours, our families, the first handcuffedto serve and become friends. You'll find a lot of pictures with different species. A fearless zvergnaucer, a funny cab, a funny mop, white puppies of French bulldoga and an English bulldog with a tireless tongue.

The Spaniel's girl is building our eyes.

The Berne Annehund welcomes all the flowers. Three friends don't want to see anything, hear anything, and say nothing. These two purple bears are Chau. The dog gives all the flowers. And your heart.

The bet feels like they're close to each other, it wasn't easy to put a job like that.

The mops among the flowers look like they were raised by themselves. That's a good picture. ♪ ♪

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