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Lebrew, pictures of dogs with a hemorrhage

ЛевреткаThis small, fragile decoration dog is such a set of shiny characteristics that would be envied and to a greater number of powerful and representative animals. The beast is called a small Italian braze, and the history of its origin is so ancient that the flogging of this volley is a matter of respect.

The presence of these dogs has decorated the booze of Egyptian Faraunas, the predecessors of modern lecturers were the beloved dogs of ancienterima matrons, and later the surprising creatures have gained extraordinary popularity and in royal palaces, an unsuspected cat from the century to the monarch.

There are many beautiful myths and legends associated with the leftrets, each of which is indicative of their acute mind and endless loyalty to a man. Any lucky owner of the modern version of this dog will surely be willing to confirm all the qualities that make them old-fashioned.

One outfit is worth it! In each line of the poet, the glory is squeezed, and every movement of a fine miniature body is perfect. The cattle of a dog like a statue fits into an almost perfect square, the height in the chole is about 35 cm, and the weight is barely 3.5 kg. The lectors are characterized by red, pale, white and blue colours.


flickr/Sakari Lampola

An amazing feature of this species is their ability to build on the way of life and the ability of the master. Under the vigour and complete default of the owner of the leather, there will be a rare physical extinction, becoming a worthy partner in many active exercises and games.

And when he comes to an old man, the dog will be a great companion, immaculately gifted by love and tenderness and not demanding major physical pressures. Even the spirit of the master of the helm counts incorrectly and, with the tact of her, it will never be dull if it is inappropriate.

Левретка Левретка Левретка Левретка

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