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Аргентинский догIn order to obtain an athletic white-snowledge aristocrat, known to the world as an Argentine dog, the knowledge of the distinguished film of the twentieth century Antonio Norez Martinez, the years of sedition and the participation of representatives of several species was required: a combat dog born from the Argentine province of Kordoba, a German doga, a large pyreneinese dog, English,

The purpose of the sergeant was to remove a new breed with a qualitative exterrier, excellent physical data, thinness, balanced character and without a thickness of aggression and vilification against the human person. It was assumed that the dog would be involved in the hunting of large wild beasts, easily moving the tract of the hot climate.

The outcome of many years of work has surpassed the boldest hopes: the set of Argentine leg characteristics has been so impressive that the dog was soon to become the real national heritage of Argentina.

Аргентинский догJudging yourself, what kind of dogman leaves an indifferent, powerful and fearless hunter with an erroneous sniff, strong nerves and a polite temper?

Such a dog can spend a long time as fast as possible following a puma, after which, without slight signs of fatigue, attacks a dangerous and strong beast. The representative of the new breed has conquered people far from hunting, and it has become clear that Argentina ' s doses have excellent companions, loyal advocates, brave rescuers and reliable excuses.

The sporting qualities, strength and understanding of Argentine doses enable them to handle any function without difficulty. Despite the swelling of muscles, the dog looks quite harmonious, with a powerful athlete hidden in the skin of a sophisticated aristocrat.

Strong legs, wide breasts, proud neck bending and massive head combined with the traditional white colour, the appearance of the Argentinean is so remarkable that it cannot be confused with any other dog.

Аргентинский дог Аргентинский дог Аргентинский дог Аргентинский дог

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