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10 most beautiful dog species

Самоед, самоедская собака (лайка), фото фотография картинкаSudden lik. Melory S/

It's also called a badge. That nickname has nothing to do with the nature or behaviour of a dog, it doesn't eat in moral or physical terms. It was called an ancient northern tribe that had been handing white nun dogs. It's one of the oldest Arctic species in human service. Because of the harsh northern conditions, it was exposed to a thick white wool of an arctic type with a strong " barbed " substrate.Бернский зенненхунд, фото пастушьи собаки Little triangle ears, smiley faces, eyes with an expression of a pluto-inviolence, all of which make the most incredibly charming.

Once upon a time, the stacking and protecting herds of reindeer is a universal dog that combines the quality of the guard, hunting, driving and pasture. Now the white dogs appreciate a great exterrier and a great character. Self-destructive liquor is the expression of love, friendship and joy.

It's like a lot of pros, his weight of allergy is rare, and the dog doesn't have to wash often. Even if you buy a dog every six months, the hair will be white. This dog breed is good with other animals, can be friends with cats. And importantly, they don't.

Ирландский сеттер, фото фотография изображениеThe truth is, the dots don't have to stay in the apartment for a long time and leave them alone - from boredom, they start to scream around. Ideally, when the dog runs freely on the precinct with other animals, because it's a secret dog that doesn't tolerate loneliness.

The most beautiful dog breed

Berne zenenhund FI UCH SE UCH Berntiers On Demand. Photo Svenska Mässan

The pasture dog, the village dog, these names reflect the role that this pond played in the life of the Swiss. Large nun dogs have helped to pave and cure cattle and have often been used for heavy transport.

Despite the fact that the Berlin zenenhund is a working dog, it's not too energyy. This species is a good joke: " I'm not lazy, I'm energy-saving. " They can work well and spend a lot of energy, but they don't like to wander or work beyond. If the zennehund has the opportunity to rest by falling on his side, he'll use it.

Немецкая овчарка, фото фотография Бишон-фризе, фото фотография декоративные собачки Золотистый ретривер, голден ретривер, фото фотография Далматин, далматинец, фото фотография

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