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Картинки по запросу ален делон с собакамиAlain Delone's always elegant beauty from France is familiar to everyone. Someone goes crazy about his appearance, and many admire his acting talent. In any case, his name was a long time ago. But besides being a cushion for millions of people, he also became a real friend for hundreds of dogs.

In youth, Alain was wearing military jackets to make it easier to warm up. all puppiesthe ones he met on his way. Today, a French actor, who has been 80 years old, has five pets for homeless dogs and cats.

" There are always many dogs in my house, I have even taken a special breed on my own. Dogs remind me of sick children who have only spent ten to four years " .

The business has been living in Switzerland for a long time, and there's dogs. He's even trying to make dogs have their own lawyers. According to the actor, animals are also entitled to protection.

The actor's love to the dogs comes from childhood when he had a doberman named Gala. "I once yelled at her and even hit her. She sat down and looked at me. I saw her crying. Since then, I have understood everything and now my dogs are always smiling. "

"I am particularly touched that dogs don't care who their master is. They love a man like a father. You think my dogs know I'm famous for the world? They don't care! They don't know who I am. They just love it. It's love without thought, unconditional, complete and true love! ”

Alain Delone is the Society for Animal Protection. There are eight dogs in his name. There's a cemetery of all his ex- dogs, all 45. In the middle of this dog's underground, he built a chapel. And after a lot of calls, I got a formal permission to bury myself when this day comes. He claims it's the highest luxury.

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