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Danish Dog Photo

Irkutsk is gastronomical. Part 0.

Датский дог по кличке Зевс

We're starting to develop a new, anti-hamburger subject, me and the companions looking for the best hot dogs in the harboring! That's a good subject. By the way, a whole National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, NHDSC, was established in 1994 to examine the quality of the product, the tasting and its promotion.
And now, we, wore and hungry, are already targeting a bunch of chios on a fed-cort that offers tasty sausages.

Choices are good, there's even some sort of turn. But the hearts of patience and courage. We ordered the following bigs of hots.
♪ Italie dog with salad leaf, tomato, cheese and cheese/tomato sauce;
- Danish dog with purified cucumbers, roasted butterfly/tomat sauce.
It's 139 Doggeros.
I'll tell you immediately that the popularity of the hot dogs is based on their multifunctionality - they can be sold in virtually any place and easily eatable. I can't say they're eating without the use of canteens and dishes. Why would I write that?
And then all the disappointments went on.

It was clarified that these hoses are not on the move, not on the table - the starting is so arranged that, with the slightest compression/coussis, a healthy portion of the oiled mixture falls where it hit.
I mean, it's not even where you got caught, it's your clothes.
You're gonna say I'm a cricket! No, I'll answer that. Experience already exists. Look at what the table turned into after we scrambled the picture.

The sausage and there is a furnace. And it doesn't feel like a major ingredient.
The beam in the Danish dog is just overrated to the degree of paper. No taste at all. Like a newspaper.
The combination of sauce and both hots is wrong. There's no sugar-ass balancing. She prefers acid and peas.

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