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Dogs Different Species

All about dogs!

Бородатая швабра атакует!

Today, I'm walking with my dog, Alice, and a woman came to see us with a butler. The beloved girl, seeing Alice, started screaming and screaming at her. But Alice wasn't afraid of her, and she was on the back of the beard trying to play with her.
The woman let her go to my dog, and she said it was a boy and he was just afraid of her. He was in a hurry, and he started playing with Alice.
While they were playing, the woman told me why he was so afraid of other dogs. She took him out of Peter's pet for dogs who didn't have a home.
From the beginning, he seemed angry and very aggressive, but it turns out he was afraid of my dog. He turned out to be very kind and resilient, no matter what he's been through.
When they left, I felt very sad and pathetic. But on the other hand, my heart was blissful because I was very happy that there were still people in the world who cared about the lives of poor dogs who don't want warm and cozy.

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