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Pupils Of Different Species

Dog breeds

Джек Рассел Терьер

It is true that when and how these animals became an integral part of human life, but without proof, it is clear that a dog as a companion and friend is the best thing that could happen to people. These amazing creatures that have been sacrificed to us by a generosity are stunning the diversity of the individual.

Look at this. photography dog species - Let's just say, on a miniature chikhua with a ease in your pocket, with a giant sybernar growing from a good pony, that little rabbit looks like a comic. And there's no such bright contrasts among the members of the dog tribe.

How did it happen that this creature, which was originally not excessively friendly, chose a man as his first satellite? Obviously, some of the predators from the dog family have prejudged people with their unique safety qualities. Consider the modern. photography dog species - and a runaway look is enough to suspect the great sheep, rotweilers or dobermans, right? And the original man, where intuitively, where in the experimental way, from the various four-legged predators, has, and over time, dissected a dog-cook, a dog-hot, a plumbing dog, a dog-friend.

Today, more than 400 dog species are known, each of which has come out for a certain purpose. All varieties can be divided into several categories: service dogs, carers and decoratives. If the choice of a pet is easily thoughtless by finding an irresponsible sympathy, it's good to get involved: let's say, an active singer in nature, deprived of a long walk in the fresh air, in the absence of the master, can easily spread the apartment through the cheeks.

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