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Service Dog Species

Service dog drains

Породы служебных собак
Description:The dog's been concomitant with a man from time immemorial. She's the first animal devoted to humans in the early age of human history. Since the end of the mesolite, when other domestic animals have not yet been known, dogs have been the only human assistants in a severe struggle for existence. As societies develop dog speciesfor various economic activities of people.
Amazingly pronounced attachment to his master, unusual ability to acquire useful skills, extraction, stunning rumours, all that distinguishes the dog from other skilled animals and makes it possible to use it extensively in modern settings for a variety of purposes.
Despite the enormous potential and advantages of using different services, the scope of dog use remains limited due to the lack of specialists who can train and use dogs for service.
In this book, we have sought to provide the amount of information required by the practice to improve the quality of dissent and to expand the use of service dogs.

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