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English Dog Breed


Virtually all existing dog species are protected by their own clubs and fans, but living doesn't mean being recognized. Following the clear tribal rules framework, the hierarchy of film clubs is down from FCI (International Film Film Film Federation) to the global film organization of each country and then to the breeding club. There is a view that the U.S. factories have overthrown England in the number of " originated " , but it is not. The American dog varieties are indeed larger, but many of them are on the FCI roster. The English dog species is one of the largest groups of recognized species. Below you'll find brief information on dogs and their photos.

That's interesting! Recognition of new breeds is a constant process. For today, within the English qinology, we can talk about 62 officially recognized, 3 unrecognized but attached and 1 questionable dog breed.

English mastif is an ancient English dog pond that was widely used as a companion, a grass fighter and a tractor. The Masters lived in the days of the blossom of Babylon, but that's not the only achievement of them, the pond is found to be the biggest catch in Europe and in the world.

The English bulldogue, the ancestors of the species in England for only one purpose, is bully. Today ' s quarters have been significantly altered by tribal work and have the function of companion. The species is considered to be one of the most famous not only in England, but also in the world.

Bulmasticf is a guard moloss, from his older brother, Mastif, the pond is different from the dimensions and age, Bulmasticf is relatively young (expressed in the nineteenth century). In fact, Bulmasticf is a hybrid that is designed to obtain a strong, large, dried, but a trap and a mobile dog that will be able to prosecute the perpetrator.

Molosses are one of the oldest kinds of psoms, masters of all modern doses and mastifs.

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