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English Dogs

English coker spaniel, nature, care, disease, photo

английский кокер спаниель

Country of origin: England
Growth: 30 - 36 cm (coupling); 25 - 30 cm (suke)
Wes: 6 - 10 kg (coupling); 6 - 8 kg (suke)
Maintenance in apartment: suitable, but required sufficient physical load
Life expectancy: 14-16 years
Good for you. for inexperienced owners

Nature of the English singing coker

The English coker was singing games, fun, responsive and ugly dogs. They're very common and they like to be around their loved ones. Predated and optimistic English cokers have been singing beautiful domestic pets and are good for both large families and single people. However, in the family, they are likely to be the closest to one person.

It is worth noting that some English cokers are too dependent on their owners, so it is important to teach their pets to be more independent.

смешные животныеIn the English coker, there are shy and shy dogs, although most of them are very common. Moreover, bitches tend to be more stubborn and dominate than cobels.

The English cokers always want to please their master, so they learn quickly. However, some English cokers have been inclined to over-love.

This one. dog species It's very good to keep with children, and in most cases it's friendly to strangers. The English coker's been singing well with domestic animals, so they're fine with the other pets in the house.

Some English coker singing is stubborn and distinctive, especially when it comes to things like their toys.

That breed makes good hunting dogs. When the English cokers are involved in hunting, they work very hard, it seems that these dogs never get tired of hunting.

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