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English Mastif

English mastif (old English mastif)

Мастиф Бульмастиф Лабрадор


  • Classification:

Group 2: Pinchers and Schnauzers, Molasses and Swiss dog shepherds

Section 2: Molosses


  • Disclosure:

It's sometimes unreal to make a team do the mastyphe do it once and then take a nap or do something else.

  • Color:

Apricots, silver, tiger on deck.

  • Dimensions.

70-76 cm high, 80-86 kg weight.

Mastif is today the largest breed of dogs on Earth. FCI standards do not limit the size of these dogs. The weight of individual individuals is 150 kg.

The dog is one of the largest species in the world.

  • Use.

Mastyphas are dogs very ancient. In a few thousand years before N.E., they were hunted in the Ancient Babylon on wild horses and even lions, used to protect their homes and cattle from predators. Assyrians have terrorist mastif statues placed above the entrance to the house to remove evil spirits. In Rome, these dogs were brought from Britain for the first time (unknown as the mastyphoids went there) to fight animals and people.

It must be borne in mind that the security is not the main purpose of the veil. Most of the time, Masif is a companion dog, he's only acting as a guard.

  • Physical loads:

Long walks are needed. It must be remembered that the vase is a slow, needing a quiet life rhythm, the dog itself chooses the amount of physical stress that is optimal for her health. If you're gonna make a vasty walk, especially at an early age, you're gonna cause irreparable harm to your pet.

  • Nature:

Mastyphoid dogslike people, very individual. Some of them are calm, some energetic and must be constantly busy. A lot of mastif behavior depends on how well they were socialized when they were puppies.

  • Contents:

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