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Top 10 of the world's most dangerous dog species

What does the nature of the dog depend on her breed or her upbring? Most of the features of the dog ' s character are usually built by the upbringing, but some breeds tend to be more violent towards other dogs and people than others. César Millan's famous dog trainer is the owner of an obedient and calm pit bull (the beard of dogs, often attributed to the propensity of aggression). In response to the question of aggressiveness, Cesar said: " All dogs are great comrades, everything depends on your treatment of a dog. There is nothing but trust, love and respect for them.” While almost all dogs can become great comrades, almost all of them are capable of becoming killers, someone is easier because of the predisposition of breeds, someone is more difficult, but the fact remains that everything depends on education. Today, you will be familiar with the ten most predisposed of aggression. by dog specieswhich, in the wrong upbringing, can become real killers.

10. Dog

If the idea is to be taught correctly, it will be the softest and luxury sand, but with the wrong approach, these dogs, by their size, can pose a significant threat. The males of this species reach a weight of 90 kilograms and 86 centimeters in the chole. One of those dogs hit a telescope on Sezar Millan's cart after he was attacked by a neighbor in his hand. The last reported case of a deadly dose in 2003 when a 2-year-old girl died in South Carolina, and the most recent case of this dog species attacking people was recorded this summer, when a 6-year-old girl was injured, who subsequently required serious surgical intervention.

9. Boxer

Boxers are the descendants of hunting dogs used as guard dogs during the First World War and to reinforce the infantry strike force. Boxers are known because of their strong jaws and powerful bites. This dog breed has a bright protective instinct, which is quite lucid for families where security is needed. Nevertheless, with all its benefits, it's a pretty stubborn dog. The last incident of a suicide bombing occurred on 28 December 2013 in Arizona, when a man tried to dispel his failed dogs.

8. Volks

All dogs are descendants of wolves, but many breeds, and to date continue to cross with their wild packs. Because of the resulting over-threatening sense of risk, such animals are usually scary and unpredictable, and the possession of such dogs is prohibited by the laws of many countries. Historically, dog and wolves hybrids were guilty of 14 deaths between 1979 and 1998.

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