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Small Dog Species With Names

These little dogs will forever defeat your heart

собака породы чихуахуа

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These little dogs.

Your heart will be defeated forever.

Why is the popularity of little dogs growing? It's easy to answer. Their small size allows them to be kept in the small apartments of our cities, and they occupy little space. They are easily transported in a container, more economical. They eat less and they're easier to clean, so many species of little dogs don't lick. Most importantly, a little dog is easier to deal with an inexperienced owner. Most small species have been ejected for centuries for one purpose, to become a small and furious friend. These little dog species, adorable and handsome will forever conquer your heart.

1. Yorkshire terrier. A small dog (up to 3 kg) developed in Yorkshire County, England. Yorkshire therière is active, very curious and loving, needing love, attention to itself. Perfect for a ride as a companion. The Yorkshire Terrier owned by Bruce Willis, Britney Spears.

2. Papillon. Toyatoes (Carlic Continental) Spaniel (3-4 kg). Smart (8 spots in the rating of smart dogs) and confident dogs. A loyal and loving friend. It fits for a family with little kids, playing and luxury. A great feature is big ears. Stolen the ladies and kings in the 16th century.

3. Blenheim Spaniel (Cavalier King Charles spaniel). Bologna. The dog's very charming, likes to hug, be friendly and behave with the kids. One of the most popular little dogs (up to 8 kg). The most popular dog in Britain in 2007. I deserve your love.

4. Brussels Griffon (Brussels griffon) or small Belgian dog (3-6 kg). Bologna. Origin of Brussels, Belgium. Griffons are very kind. They're good with the kids. Not very patient, but they like to play. They're good with other animals in the house, including cats and other dogs.

5. Boston Terier (Boston terrier). Released in 1870 in Boston, USA. Small (07-11 kg) with short tail and standing ears. Smart, easy to learn. The Bostons are of a careless and friendly nature, and they seek to please their owners. Usually, only when necessary, making them a great choice to stay in the apartment. They're good with children, older people, other dogs and domestic animals.

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