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Various Dog Species

Where did the different dog species come from?


Dogs were housed before other animals. Since it happened, people have taken over 200 dog species.

In some cases, the breeds have come out for specific needs. Frequently, after entering new countries, dogs either evaporated with local wild dogs or changed to adjust to the climate of others. Climatic differences are one of the reasons why, for example, Mexico has smooth, smooth, long-season dogs on the Far North.

Classification of dog species is as hard as tracking their origins. There are hunting dogs targeting smells in the air, racing, odor hunting, terriers, ruptures during the nora hunt, service dogs, gay dogs, and all kinds of mix.

There are different theories about the origin of some dog breed♪ Pointers are probably descendants of Foxhounds. During hunting, they make a stand (from English to point) on wildlife. Most of the racers are probably descendants of a dog known in France as a stubber.

The Foxhounds, the fastest races, are supposed to be a mix of thin nukes and fast races. An unusual cunhuund breed was ejected by American pioneers.

Newfoundlands are considered to be a mixture of English search dogs and some kind of reliable sheep, and the ancestors of the sybernars were three kinds of dogs. The Danish dog appears to have emerged as a result of the crossroads of the vain and the brazo. The Spitz is a relative of Chow and has been removed in Germany. The bulldogues were removed in the middle century and are related to the mastifs.

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