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All The World's Dogs

German sheep and all the dogs of the world!

овчарка и все собаки мира

We invite you to participate in a practical seminar on dog searching games, to be held in St. Petersburg from 7 to 9 October. Lead and coach Anton Volkov, Ukraine.

The seminar will consist of theoretical and practical parts. What questions will be considered and what can you do with the coach and your dog?

In theory:

1. The value of a dog's nose work
2. Training psychology in search games
3. A detailed description of the theoretical part is available on the activity page

In practice:

1. Toy/premeth search
2. Playworms
3. Other recreational and home-based games
4. Coach counseling

Theory will be 7.10.2016 from 18.00 to 22.00. In one of the halls downtown. The venue is clarified. Please draw attention to the theoretical part without dogs!

The exercise includes one coffee shop and discussion of organizational matters related to the practice.

The practical part will be held from 8 to 9 October.
Number of dogs: not more than 12
Practical participation All dogs.

Location: Park selection. We plan to choose the north and south of the city.
Practical work will take place on a schedule drawn up during the theoretical exercise.

Employment is carried out individually.

Individual class duration - approximately 1 hour (two dogs - 1.30-1.45)

There's an opportunity to be inscribed on Monday for individual classes.

Cost of participation:
Participation in full programme (theoretical part and individual practice with one dog): 3,500 roubles
Reimbursement for a follow-up dog, a participant (one master and two active dogs): 500 roubles
Participation in theory: 2,500 roubles
Theory and observation of other participants (without dog participation, time not limited): 2,700 roubles

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