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Бордоского дога щенки. Выго

Maniqui María Santa
RCF meter, age, brand, sale contract.
The first mark in Murmansk, a very rare and beautiful pond, in the area of not more than 15 such dogs.
Father: Bunker is imported from Holland to the World ' s birthing champion, Europe) by a bright, powerful, balanced, human-centred.
Mother: Raisen Glory Ula Brilliant, CR, CFCF, World, Europe, InterChampiona, Pitomnik Raisen Glory, took three seats in the World 2016 World Championship, and the brother of the one-starter took four seats in the open class on CM 2016.
The puppy has a great psychotic, fun, disgraceful, very inspired, loves people, children, fights with one-size-fighters, but doesn't hurt himself) more pictures of Provin Natalia.
It's possible to have a dislocation, information aid for growing up.
Preferably in the display hands (so good anatomy and bright colour)

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