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Buy A Bordeaux Puppy

Bordeaux Dog (sighs)Bordeaux Dog (c) - It's an old pond, the only mastiff of French origin. It used to be used as fighter and hunting dogs. This species has long been called a " butcher " because the butchers used to use them as security guards in their homes.

The Bordeaux dog is a very good guard, very smart and brave, but not aggressive. This dog is very attached to the master, loves the children, and calm. The Bordos dog doesn't like to be alone, and if the dog is to listen well, it must always be controlled and trained.

This dog looks like a lion, a huge growth with a big head and a noble heart that's always ready to come to help. The world's dogs show respect and love to these dogs for their beauty and virtue. It's one of the managed dogs.

Those dogs used to hunt, they took part in bull fights, and a little later, the dogs started training for the police.

Sale of Bordeaux puppies in the pit:

1. "WELLDAN" -
2. "Maxbord."
3. P.A. P.S.A.

Buy. Bordeaux puppy private factories may also be available. The average price of the Bordo dog puppy is: 11848 shirts♪ Announcements on the Bordo doses/Sale can be found or posted on.

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