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Watching Dog Photos

Dogs can publish photographs on their own

Собаки смогут самостоятельно публиковать фотографии в социальных сетяхPeople really like to publish their pictures on social media and watch other people's photos. Thus, despite the distance that divides us, we can see what our friends, friends and relatives are doing. But what happens if our four-legged friends like dogs can also publish their photos on social media like Facebook? The world-famous company Pedigree has implemented an unusual project that will allow dogs to use social media on an equal footing with their owners.

The Posting Tail is what they called their invention to Pedigree engineers. Gadget is a special vest for dogs in which a camera is built, a miniature Raspberry Pi computer, a dog tail tracking device, a GPS sensor and a 3G-mode. As soon as the dog starts to be very happy, it's very fast hanging around. The sensor calculates the vial frequency, and the computer concludes that the dog is happy right now or not? If the dog is happy, the camera takes a picture that is immediately published on the social network. It's quite simple.

In addition to the function of social media publications, the vest also monitors the movement of animals on the map, markings in places where the dog is happy. Thus, the master will be able to find out exactly where his pet is happy and what places are extremely negative. It is not clear whether the Posting Tail vest can be purchased at the store, but at the end of April three such devices will be available to the bidders for a better picture of their pet.

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