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Boxer. Nature description (boxer)

Боксеры, немецкий боксер, фото породы собак фотографияEnergy and active reaction to the surroundings are Boxer♪ There are no calm and quiet boxers. But loyalty, obsession and sense of humor make him a perfect home dog if you can afford to have a dog like that.

Boxer belongs to a group of working dogs, his mother ' s original assignment is to protect the family and its property. Average prevalence. Life expectancy is approximately 12 years, age of adulthood is 3 years. The growth of the juice fluctuates between 53 and 58 cm, 5 cm, 57 to 63 cm. Sookweight 25-27 kg, dolls 30-32 kg. By its very nature, it's guard dogI don't know. The bones of the boxers are short and smooth, the colour of their yellow brown or stripe white should ideally be no greater than 1/3. The worm doesn't fall off or complicate, there's no need for professional care. Some long hairs are sometimes pinned in front of the exhibitions. Leaving behind the wool is the regular cleaning of the soft cheek and the brushing, the rigid cheeks are unacceptable, because the wool in the boxer is a thin layer and the skin is very sensitive.

Боксер, немецкий боксер, фото породы собак фотографияThe physical exercise of the boxer should receive as much as you can withstand; it can be replaced by regular short walks. It eats 900 g crust in dry weight, sowed on three-dimensional meals during the day, to avoid colic.

Boxer's easy to get a job, like a home dog, he's just great; with other kids, he's being kind, with his breed dogs is good, and cats are good. It's peaceful in the same house with other animals, very kind. I agree to live in both the city and the village; in the city, it can only be kept under regular walks. If necessary, it may also live in a conur, but only in a society the opposite sex dog. It's warm, it's bad for elevated humidity.

Hereditary anomalies include heart disease, cancer tendencies, prone to colds. This dog can't be kept in raw, cold rooms. Boxer doesn't like to be alone either. A small percentage of boxers are prone to a scary disease called "Regressive Axonopia."

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