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Argentine Dog Photo

Argentine dog: Nature history (argentinian mastiff)

аргентинский дог, фото, фотографияAn attempt to correct the history of the origin of dogs is often made into an intractable puzzle that creates endless disputes. History Argentinadoes not seem to be an exception to the rules, and is likely to include legends and deep-rooted myths.

This dog is said to be bound by the perseverance of a single person, Dr. Augustine Norez Martinez, who took her out at the beginning of the twentieth century. In Argentina, the Mastifa of Spanish origin (Kordow Dogs) had been in existence since the beginning of the sixteenth century, when the conquistadors had used them to fight the local population; much later, the Mastifov had begun to cross Spanish, English and German bulldogues. At the dawn of the past century, in a non-existent country, as Argentina is, the pastoralists and peasants of the province of Kordova, north-west of Buenos Aires, have been very popular with dog fights, which by their profit and maturity have surpassed even famous Petus.

The infamous object of their fans is the so-called Rerró de petea (or the cowboy dog) is the middle between the bulldog and the mastif. There are years, and at the beginning of the twentieth century Professor Antonio Norez Martínez University is beginning to show great interest in this strong and courageous dog. The future founder of the breed wasn't a fan of dog warfare, but an experienced hunter. And when the hunter says, you need to imagine the hunter of Argentina started a virgin land with its infinite scumbags, where hunting experience is very often bound to real danger and adventure. From the extraction that this part of the New Light gives a hunter, the prestigious, of course, is the purple of American cats.

The meth, the professor was the creation of a working dog that would hunt the puma* and the bakers (local pigs weighing up to 50 kg) in a pampa, dogs for hunting adapted to the country ' s harsh natural conditions.

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