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Spanish mastiff Spanish mastiff

испанский мастиф, мастиф испанский, фото, фотографияAccording to official theory, ancestors. Spanish mastif The breeds were taken by sea to the Iberian peninsula by the Finnish merchants. According to another theory, it came from major Asian and Eastern European nomadic dogs coming to Spain by land.

Contrary to the view that the ancestors of the Pyrene and Spanish mastifs had led the Roman legions, the testimony of Roman military historians who had observed that the tribes had already had large combat dogs with which the Romans had to face. The current species of the Caucasus, Turkey, Iran and the south-east of the Balkan Peninsula can in principle be regarded as the species of one very ancient prapod divorced for herdish-caution work by nomadic herding tribes prior to the emergence of States in the region. Any arguments about the firstborn of these modern species are pointless now.

Here, we would like to elaborate on this, as the process of establishing herds-casts has the most direct relevance to Spanish mastif. The notion of beard is not purely zootechnic, but includes cultural and historical aspects, so we will consider both sides of the breeding process.

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