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A little bit about us and the breed of the German dog

Наши собакиOur dogs.

We're Bandurina Kirill and Ludmila, not factories and not pets. We just love big and strong dogs. After the first guess, it's almost impossible to stop... I want to keep all the alimony, and I also want to buy it on the side, there's a lot of people, there's a great ectery, there's something else...

Nature NEXT DOG Many myths and legends are often not fair enough. We've learned from our own experience that matching these myths depends only on a specific dog...

They say it's very difficult to raise a baby.

Alesha Jr. - 3 5 years

Алеша Младший в большой операционной ветакадемии, на консультации хирурга перед рентгеновским снимком на ДТБСIt's not true, all our dogs grew up like grass, no special mineral additives and no chondroprotectors. Alesha and Vasia are cultivated on dry feed and active walk, and have no anatomy problems, are not flogged, strong and boneless. Alesha weighs about 90 kg, Vasia weighs about 70 kg. And despite myths, their legs are not curved.

It's harder to grow a totally white dog like our Delphi. Regrettably, our co-owner is not listening to our feeding and walking advice, and the girl has little problems. And now we're wondering what is the main reason why the myth of production difficulties has come true: errors in the content, the characteristics of the white dog metabolism, or her supply? Delphi was purchased by us in the dorm room, which was the basic criterion of choice. We've lost sight of the fact that long-terms don't necessarily grow up like grass, and don't necessarily have a cool body...

Alesha Jr. in a big O.R. Vetacademia, consulting a surgeon before an X-ray scan on DBS.

They say the dogs are more painful than other species, and they live less.

Воздух Времени Вамп - 5 лет 5 месяцевThe disease is an absolute lie. The idea should not be overwhelmed, turned into a black vase, kept under the cap... If there is a proper feeding and sufficient stroke, the doses are only traumatized: hit the glass, hit the large collar...

Our dogs had food problems while eating dry feed. Translation to natural food solved all the problems. We're regularly testing, and there's regular confirmation that our dogs are perfectly healthy. At the age of 5, Alesha was routinely examined by Komolov's cardiologist at Bel Klake (UZI + EKG), diagnosis: completely healthy.

Алеша Младший - 3,5 года Алеша Младший - 5 лет 11 месяцев, Вамп - 3 года 9 месяцев. Воплощенное опровержение мифа о хрупкости и неактивности догов. Алеша и Вася с маленькой племянницей, 2 января 2007 года Алеша Младший с кобелем амстаффа Грейт Уайт Тайгером. Подросток-стафф учится у дога правильному поведению в стае.

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