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German Doses

German Dog technician "Helen Dog Favorite"

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I don't know.

Any dogs, of course, love theirs more.
Dogs work to buy their dogs good food and good vitamins.
Before feeding your dog food, the real Dog.
I'll try it with the SAM!
They're breathing dogs in the woods or on the lake, so there's always a cognac and, of course, a lot of dogs.
Kids like to take these parties, too. And they really like to take pictures of their dogs, the beastiest outfit, with other people's children, so they can see them all.
In the albums, dogs have a picture of exhibitions, competitions, recreation. And dogs everywhere.
Also, doggie friends always have a lot of friends - dogs.
And, of course, all the dogs noticed when your life is filled with these adorable, loyal, loving creatures, with a deep and understandable view, a warm language and a shining tail, all the other friends are giving themselves... you seem crazy on their dogs.
But you really don't care.
Because you're as twisted as you are very and very much and you'll always find common language with them in any situation.

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