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German Cheeks

German dog- great dane

Щенки дога

This group about our favorite breed German Dog. In the group, we wait for questions from newcomers, councils of former, pleasant and constructive communication.
You can't fight here, any squeak attempts will be tough! Also in this group, we provide information on the sale of puppies and the conversion of doses. Let's talk about the upbringing, feeding and health of our pets. Their participation in exhibitions and, of course, victory!
Welcome to all people who are not indifferent to our great breed German Dog!

It is called an " snow giant " , a " dog king " or " beauty parlors " in the dog world. That's right. They're really incredibly beautiful, strong, very physically developed. In addition, these naturally calm and noble giants are still called the world's largest room dogs.

German guess is often called Danish. In the United States, the name of the breed sounds great danes (large Danish or Danish dog), although it has nothing to do with Denmark.

The predicament of German doses is the old German mastiff. Most likely like dogs were taken by Asian tribes in the 5th century. There was evidence that similar dogs lived in ancient Rome, Egypt and even China. The species we know was ejected in Germany about 400 years ago.

The German dog was originally removed as a hunter. Big dog. Animals, to protect the estates, and they were used as a service dog. It's a bleed of a brazy mastiff. People often forget that underneath this quiet appearance a big guard dog is hiding. In the Middle Ages, it was considered that this dog had supernatural powers and could protect against evil spirits.

During the past century, this pond has been devastated by the aggression that was so necessary during the hunting. But now, the main purpose of Germans is to be just a good, very big companion for a man. And he is. The German dog likes to lie on the couch, so it's best to buy a bigger bed. They're leathers and housewives. The physical characteristics of the German body leave no doubt for the original purpose of the species.

First of all, high growth. They're giants. Their paws are exactly the same size as a man's completely scattered hands. In addition to the Irish wolves, German doses are considered to be the highest among dogs. On average, Irish wolves are higher than German doses. But the close relative of the German doses, the English mastiff is considered the hardest dog and weighs up to 70 kilos.

German dogs are very fond of blocking. Like the Dobermans, they get on your feet and put the front foot on your shoulders. They're bound to grow incredibly long laps. Despite the impressive dimensions, they're very beautiful and very discreet. All their movements are unusually graceful.

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