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мини породы собак фото
I finally got my hands on it.

Well, I'm going to try to get a little short on the books that went through this period (April-September) because the summer and garden and the reading time have been reduced to a minimum, and in August, six books were not raped.

It's about the little piggy Pluch. Ballod Inga.
I don't remember plots, but it's a pretty good book, and I'm happy to hear stories about a piggy, his family and neighbor living in the woods. It's not much, it's easy to read.

Ronnie and Carlson Lindgren have been extended since last time. Ronnie, I've read it myself by the end of Rostya's book. Carlson's still doing great, only in the form of audio, in the car almost three hours of silence, everyone listens carefully:

Adventures in the valley's paparatrons. It's hard to say, the book is rich in illustrations, but it doesn't seem clear, unthinkable stories, even though I don't even remember what it is, like simulating people with animals in the main role, but it's not a boredom. Not finished. First of all, I wasn't interested in reading it. I can't explain why.

It's London. Shakes

And that book was good. Me and the baby. About London, which buses, cars, why and how people are dressed, differences, worthy. Interesting, red and memorable.

Emil. Tony Ungerer.
Nice little little book, about the brave octopus who worked and rescued at the beach and the police. More like a younger age, there's little text, mostly pictures and often shifting fascinating story. Happy and kind.

Mom Mu. Nordquist, Wislanders.

Compared to the last book about this cow, this book has been marked with red illustrations on each page. But the stories themselves are all over the same. Yes, the cow, the mountain, the city, the bicycle, and so on, but as much as you can admire it (the crow does all the time), it's better not to take a series of stories, but one to two, not to get tired. Consequently, after the previous series, only a cow on a mall plus a tree.

The bedtime fairy tales were in the past, just repeated as a loved one.

Beep's car.
Rosté liked it very much, funny stories about having a toy machine, nice and kind.

Adelailda. Tony Ungerer.
Took her after Emil, the same author. The book surprises the story, the kangaroo doesn't have enough to fly, goes round, rescues children from the fire, goes to the hospital, goes to the theatre and releases another kangaroo from the zoo, through negotiations with the director. Well, it's a fun, hot comedy story. Funny.

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