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On 11 September, a legendary tank fight was shown in the hatcin

Фото немецкого дога. Собаки

A legendary tank fight was shown in Gatchin

On 11 September, a tank fight, a legendary battle of Ziniya Kolobanova, was reconstructed in Gatchin.

The military reconstruction was carried out as part of a great historic Gatchin Story celebration. On 10 and 11 September, interactive exhibitions of illustrative military welfare were deployed in the park near the Hatsin Palace and at the Priorat Park. The drawings to the events of the twentieth century have been placed in the Priorata Park.

The Hatchinski were represented by the main points of the tank fight. The reconstruction of the Soviet infantry has begun. Fighters are in the bushes, making mosin rifles and anti-tank guns. A heavy KV-1 tank took a position in the ambush. On the road to Krasnogwadaysk (as then called Gatsin), the enemy ' s convoy was moved: Stug, T-2 and T-4, accompanied by infantry. The guns were buried, the battlefield was covered with smoke. As in Voyskovic fight, a head tank was hit and the entire convoy was trapped. The Krasno-Armians went into the attack, shooting at the enemy infantry and breaking the optics at the demobilized tanks.

Photo of the Ratobor Historic Projects Agency

The backup on the Opel-Blitz truck helped the Germans to counteract, the Soviet tanks started shooting. The sanitars were barely able to pull the wounded, the pole of fear was again the military corre of the newspaper Izvestya. The origin of the battle was determined by the desperate bayon attack of the Red Army, which stopped the German offensive. The road to Leningrad through Gatchin was blocked for the enemy.

After the reconstruction, the heroes of the Great Fatherland almost minutes of silence and military salute. Heavy equipment stayed in Priorat Park for a few hours. You could have looked into it in detail, asked questions. A Soviet troop camp and a military exhibition were located near the battlefield. Surface mechanics in the black army combined repaired T-34 and T-60 tanks, children blinded the anti-aircraft machine, guests were photographed against the background of ZIS trucks, GAS legendary " militia " and artillery batteries.

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