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German or Danish

картинки больших собак:

German or Danish dog is one of the highest dogs in the world with strong bodywork, because in the long past, he was a valuable war dog that wasn't always equal. Besides, he was a great hunter for a big savage, and he could've hit even a dangerous predator like a lion. It's a German national dog, and in his home country, it's very valuable.
It is now a very kind, self-sustained and confident dog that will never abuse its advantage in power and growth, and will try to resolve all conflicts peacefully, even if we look back at his wartime past, then it was highly valued by the evil and aggression of the breed, for which he was often held as a bodyguard. To date, divorcers are trying to remove this line if it starts to show themselves at the special. His family is very loyal and caring, and he will be fine for a family with children, as he will be very careful about them, and in cases of leprosy on their part, he will never use brute force, but he will just suffer a little, and then he will leave peacefully, even if he has a distance to look after the little masters. But don't forget that in all the peaceful qualities, Danish In cases of danger and threats to his family, she will be fervently protected, and the culprit will certainly not be sweet, because the furious dog is very dangerous. That's why they can keep him not only as a companion, but as a security guard. Still, almost all the owners of the dosage say that, despite the appearance and the seriousness of the view, this dog is still deeply in the soul, still a puppy, and being alone with the master, he can let this child's nature go out.

Born: Germany
Time of occurrence: Middle Ages
Other names: German vain, dog, Danish dog
Classification: FCI Group 2, Section 2 #235

Growth: 70-80 cm
Weight: 46-54 kg
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