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The Bordeaux Dog is an intelligent dog with good behaviour. But she has to be raised rightly since she's a little kid, because, despite many virtues, the Bordo dog is still inclined to lay on your bed, pull a delicious piece of food from the table. He also responds to the team in no time as the dogs of some other species. He will follow up on your request, weighing all the “sa” and “south”, and sometimes he will be frankly stubborn. Therefore, in training the Bordeaux domination, there is a need for perseverance.

Even the oldest age is not a restriction in the upbringing of a Bordo dog. He needs to be taught to trust a person. To that end, it must be taken from time to time. However, there is no need to let that be done by outsiders who don't know how to treat a dog properly.

The most obedient. Bordeaux puppies Three weeks old. If you start raising them now, you can make amazing results. The training needs to be continued on a continuous basis, as early, but discontinued training is quickly forgotten, as more and more new irritants are emerging with age.

The Bordeaux puppy has to learn from childhood the master ' s role, otherwise, in the adolescence age, it can (especially the cable) deliver the mass of cotton to the owner.

The fifth, seventh and ninth weeks are considered to be favourable to education. At this time, it is easy to teach a puppy to the local, “hot”, “sitting”, “stop” teams, and also to learn how to walk.

We need to teach the puppy to jump on the master. What's funny at a puppy age isn't going to cheer you up when your big dog jumps on your chest, especially in the slack.

Learn the Bordeaux puppy to be annoyed, requiring constant attention. All you don't like about your dog should stop once and for all. The assumption of excuses would easily override all previous education efforts.

Train and practice the puppy playing. The Bordeaux dog doesn't like rude orders, sharp violin. ♪

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