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Canary Dog Shields

Фотография собаки породы Дог канарскийThe Canary Dog is one of the oldest representatives of the Molos group, with a long history of development and a national security dog of Spain. The history of this species is closely intertwined with the history of the Canary Islands themselves. The first mention of this species is dated from 1402, indicating that the Canary Dog is a native species rather than an artificially induced species by crossing different species.

The dogs of this species have a balanced psycho. At first glance flegmaterial, but unusually active in the work. Not inclined to unmotivated aggression. In Kanar Dog's homeland, there's widespread use as a guard dog, a escort dog, a dog pasture, a companion dog.

Dog canary dog breeders and factories:

Announcements for the sale and sale of pupils by the Dog Canar:

Suggested for sale of Kanar Doga pups

Bianca is in the Sheremetev shelter,

Ike is an Argentine dog that survives a betrayal but has not lost hope, looking for a new master.
Nature information (extract from standard, plus and minus):
Additional information by nature:
Dimensions Bowl height: 60 - 65 cm, Suk: 56 - 61. Minimum weight of dolls: 50 kg, suk: 40 kg.

Walking. It's in intensive physical loads.

Total appearance. Medium size, well balanced, straight line, black mask. Hard and correct proportional decomposition. There is an average configuration; the length of the body exceeds the height in the chole. It's more pronounced in the sow.

Paint. The tiger color of all the shades, from dark, very warm tones to light grey or red. In all the shades, the colour may vary from yellow brown to yellow red, the pale color of all the shades.

Head. Massive, short, fast-tracked, covered with free whistling skin. It's like a slightly elongated cube. The back burner is not visible. The transition from the fore to the morde is not pronounced. A legit taste.

Hoost. The thickness of the base is narrowing down to the end and not falling below the collar joint. Slightly configured, never falling down.

Laps. The back legs are a little longer than the front. The pillows are well developed and black, fingers rounded, not too close to each other.


- very attached to the master.
- Good guard and protector.
- easily with other animals


- requires an experienced trainer.
- need physical loads

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