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Tibetan Mask Price

Tibetan masks and pans

тибетский мастиф, фото

A wormhole. The pilgrim proposes to reserve Tibetan's pups from high-profile parents. Mai Golden Lyon
Ayan Dara (Czech Republic, Finland, Russia) Father: Legend Tibet Premudrey Buddha (France, Russia). Interesting combination of European lines. Date of birth, black, blue, blue, red, red. 6 boys and 7 girls. Cookies for the show and as a reliable friend and protector of the family and children. Delivery. 8921 717 2154
The pilgrim offers the sale of abyssin cats of wild colour from the parents of the champions.
A bright, clean colour, good blood, modern type.
Date of birth.
Documents, vaccinations, possible sale to breed 8921 717 21 54. Only today can ICU deliver. Hurry and call!

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