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Tibetan Mastyph Bought In Chinese

Tibetan's mastif is the oldest dog breed from the Tibetan High Plateau. It's a giant dog, and it's very dangerous. Here in Tibet, and the rest of China, they call it " Holy animals "♪ There are legends in the people that Tibetan's mastif is a horse animal of the enlightened and alive Buddh.

A true Tibetan vase is a dog with a huge head, a long wool, its outer face resembles the lion, the building of the body resembles the tiger, the nature of the steel. The dog is strong and brave, preserved wild weddings, she's a fearless security guard and will attack the enemy first. She's aggressive towards strangers, but she's totally good and loyal to her host's family.

Tibetan's mastif is proud to look at the world with a little blindfold, he's calm and firm, for which in China she was called Kings and the king among dogs.

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Tibetan mastifs have known humanity for 3,000 years! Due to the geographical remoteness and historical closure of the Tibetan region, as well as the strict selection of pastures, Tibetan Mastifs preserved the most ancestral and valuable qualities: gigantic size, strong shape, rigid but noble. Tibetan mastifs were never like walking dogs. They've always been in the case, guarding cattle (Jacks and sheep), guarding the owner's house, even warning people about the dangers of snow shop and earthquakes, thus saving lives!

2,000 years ago, the first Tibetan mastif was taken to ancient Greece. Through the Rome Empire and Eastern Europe, spread around different parts of the West world. Everyone knows that a lot of modern dog breeds wear Tibetan genes in their blood.

Tibetan is popular around the world, because of the rare nature and special qualities, the most clean dogs are incredibly expensive. Dog owners are proud of their pets. Tibetan's mastif is a symbol of the master's safety and prestige. Tibet's mastif is the pride of Tibet and China.

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