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Mastif Dog Species

Animal and nature

МастифыThey say that Aristocrat satellitesof course, the view is that English aristocracies, but the mastifs are of different nationalities and origins.

The land of Central and Central Asia is considered to be the homemade, and it is the first time in the summers where Molosian dogs are mentioned. Over time, the vain has spread around the globe and has embedded each of its special features, which have in fact formed all types of mastifs, and more specifically all the mastif species. Today it's not a fighter dog, they're friendly to a man, friendly to another animal, and never leave their master in trouble.

On this page we publish List of all Mastifs that meet around the world. Each description of the pattern of vasty contains details of the characteristics of these dogs, Main characteristics of the mastifhistorical data, as well as photos of the mastifs of all species.

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