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White Tibetan Mastif

The rarest dog species

Муди, фото породы собак фотографияTibetan Mastif
today counts on rare species. These strong calm animals with dense wool a few hundred years ago were widely distributed not only in their homeland (in China), but also in neighbouring countries. The most rare species of Tibetan mastifs - White Tibetan Mastif (not albinos, not recognized as FCI). To date, only a few representatives of the species are known, cost of more than $1 million
The second most rare breed from China is Chunzin. The statues that portray the dogs of this species were found in ancient Chinese tombs. The Chuns could only be made by famous people.Норвежский лундехунд, фото породы собак картинка This led to the deaths of many dogs in the Chinese revolution (20th century), together with the masters, or abandoned. Today, these dogs, externally reminding American pit bulls, are unique.
- American breed of dogs. It was created by a local villager Arthur Valden. He was trying to create a strong, fast, posing breed with good adaptation. And he's done it, the pink has all these qualities. But after the creator died, the pond almost disappeared until in 1981 a group of enthusiasts started to save the breed. However, the pineapple still counts on rare species.

Белый тибетский мастиф, фото породы собак фотографияThe rarest dogs

- universal dogs. They're doing great as guards, guard, hunters, shepherds and service dogs. Moody's also beautiful companions. They're active and brave, well-trained. Staying on the couch all day isn't about an asshole. However, despite all the virtues, the popularity of the pond has never been increased.
- Aboriginal pond. The exact location of its occurrence is not yet possible. Only known is that it is an ancient breed whose habitat is very limited. Thai Ridgebeks can only be found in Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Viet Nam and the surrounding islands. Local people use dogs mainly as hunters and guards.
Norwegian Moondehund

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