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Dog Bordo

History of Bordo dogs before the beginning of the x-century

From the E.I. SSHYSKING "In the Bordo Dog Object"

The Bordeaux Dog is a French pond. It refers to the mastifams and, given the ariel of origin, it is often called French mastif. The Masters are descendants of huge dogs, which the ancient authors have referred to as Molosses, allegedly at their original habitat in the ancient small State of Molossia, located in the area of modern Albania.


For the first time, we'll find out about the French Molosses, that is, the Acquisition of Gas de la Bigny, who lived in the fourteenth century. He says that the name of veltres or vautres was also used to brazy and grassy dogs, which were hammers and bruising beasts called alans. These alans divided into three species: alan gentil, alan vautre and alan de boucherie.

The first were thrilled with a heavy head, the second one was three times the first and corresponded to the later levriers doguistes, had yellow with a dark shade or grey with black stripes of colour, which was seen as a hammer, had big heads, lips and ears, and were used to baton and bear. The word votre was used to describe all dogs with heavy breeds.

The French word votre and, moreover, the ancient word alan was later ejected with English synonymous mastif, he's a dog. Both words meant the same thing, namely, a strong, heavy, with a big head, a wide jaw, a raw dog designed for grass and security. It may be assumed that English mastifs were added to the French mastifs in the Middle Ages since it is well known that in 1572 the English Queen Elizabeth gave French a large number of mastifs.

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