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Name Of Dog

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All the usual badge @ was not known in our country until the computer era. Normally, when a name is drawn from another language, the new is not invented, but it is simply copyed (for example, the words " post " and " tabac " have come into Russian and the words " the link " and " the satellite " have crossed the border backward. But sometimes the reference name may be inappropriate, inaccurate or inconsistent with language rules. That must have happened to the symbol @ - his official title, Commercial Eth, Russian ear seems to be pointless. The title should be such that it would like to be remembered and applied.

In the 1990s, when badges @ were first tried to be translated into Russian, there were many equal options, such as “snacks”, “storms”, “sho” and others. Indeed, they have now virtually disappeared and the " dog " has spread throughout Runeta and has remained, because any language has sought only one universal word to mark anything. The remaining names remain marginal, although they may be very large. For example, in English the symbol @ is referred not only to commercial at, but also to mercantile symbol, commercial symbol, scroll, arobase, each, about etc. Where did the association come from between the main computer badge and the other person? For many of the symbols @ really resembles a broken dog.

There's an exotic version that an exotic English pronunciation can remind dog li. However, much more likely hypothesis links our symbol to a very old computer game Adventure. It had to travel through the maze, fighting a variety of low-profile underground creatures. Since the game was textual, the player, the labyrinth walls, monsters and stores were marked by various symbols (for example, the walls were walls from “!”, “+” and “R”). The Game in Adventure was accompanied by a dog that could be sent to reconnaissance missions. It was designated as a symbol @. It is perhaps because of this forgotten computer game in Russia that the name " dog " has been established.

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